Jabar Shumate Vice President University Community HSC

Letter from the Vice President

As the Vice President for the Office of University Community, I oversee over all diversity initiatives within the University; including recruitment and admissions on all three of University of Oklahoma's campuses.

The Office of University Community works closely with the Office of Student Affairs to ensure that activities and programs are aimed at making campus life more inclusive. I also work closely with President Boren and college deans to broaden the diversity of the pool of applicants for faculty and staff positions. Through careful collaboration and strategic planning, I assist the University of Oklahoma in its mission to increase its efforts for a more diverse and enjoyable educational experience.

We have made great strides over the past year. While the University has experienced tight budgetary times, President Boren has been very supportive of our mission, including supporting our efforts for diverse faculty hires. Our deans have also started hiring diversity and inclusion officers for their specific colleges to further our impact in making our campus more diverse.

On our website, we showcase the great efforts that have gone into building our community up and the rewards we have reaped from these initiatives. Our work is far from over, but we look forward to continuing to transform the University of Oklahoma.


Jabar Shumate
Vice President
University Community